As Rüya Dent, we offer the most innovative dental treatment methods that combine aesthetics and functionality. E-Max dental treatment has an important place in aesthetic dentistry and is a solution designed to maximise the natural appearance of teeth. You are one step closer to your dream smile with E-Max dental treatment with our developing technology and experienced team.


What is E-Max?

E-Max is a special type of porcelain used in aesthetic dentistry. E-Max porcelains are designed to give your teeth a natural, transparent and aesthetic appearance. These porcelains are preferred by dentists in a wide range of aesthetic dental applications thanks to their durability and naturalness.

  • Advantages of E-Max Dental Treatment
    1. Aesthetic Appearance:

    E-Max porcelains are designed to match your natural tooth colour and preserve the natural appearance of the teeth. It provides aesthetically satisfying results.

    1. Resilience:

    E-Max porcelains are strong and durable. It provides durability to your teeth for a long time and offers a long-lasting solution.

    1. Biocompatibility:

    E-Max porcelains are compatible with gums and do not cause allergic reactions. It provides a natural appearance by harmonising with your gums.

    1. Minimal Tooth Cut:

    E-Max dental applications require minimal tooth cutting. You will achieve aesthetic and functional results with the least possible intervention to your teeth.

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E-Max Dental Treatment Experience with Rüya Dent

As Rüya Dent, we are at your service with our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment in E-Max dental treatment. In E-Max dental treatment, we determine the most suitable treatment plan for you by examining your teeth and listening to your wishes.

During the treatment process, we apply E-Max porcelain to your teeth and provide you with a natural and aesthetic smile. After the treatment, we guide you on dental care and protection and help you keep your smile bright for a long time.

Make your smile perfect, increase your self-confidence and step into a healthy smile with E-Max dental treatment. Get one step closer to your dream smile with Rüya Dent and live your life with a smile.



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