As Rüya Dent, we offer the most modern and reliable solutions to replace your missing teeth and achieve a solid smile. Implant dental treatment is the most effective way to complete your missing teeth in an aesthetically and functionally perfect way. With developing dentistry technologies and our experienced team, we are here to fill the gaps in your smile and give you a smile with natural, solid teeth.


What is Implant Dental Treatment?

Implant dental treatment is a procedure that involves replacing lost teeth with screw-like artificial tooth roots (implants) made of titanium. These implants are integrated into the jawbone and act like natural tooth roots and provide an aesthetically similar appearance to natural teeth thanks to porcelain veneers placed on them.

  1. Natural Appearance and Function:

Implants look harmonious with natural teeth and function effectively. It behaves like natural teeth in activities such as chewing, speaking and smiling.

  1. Durability and Longevity:

Since implants are durable structures made of titanium, they can last for many years. Long-lasting results are achieved with proper care and regular checks.

  1. Protection of the jaw bone:

Since the implants are integrated into the jawbone, they stimulate the jawbone and prevent loss. This minimises the change in the jaw structure over time.

  1. Aesthetics and Self-Confidence:

Implant dental treatment increases your self-confidence by providing you with an aesthetic smile. It perfects your smile by filling your missing teeth.

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Implant Dental Treatment Experience with Rüya Dent

As Rüya Dent, we determine the most suitable treatment plan for you with our expert team in implant dental treatment. As a first step, we determine the appropriate implant type and treatment process by performing a detailed examination and evaluating your teeth.

During the placement of the implants, we use the most modern techniques to ensure that the implants are placed in the correct position and in harmony. Then, we move on to porcelain dental veneers, allowing you to achieve a smile that is compatible with natural teeth.

Have a solid and aesthetic smile by filling your missing teeth with implant dental treatment. Experience the change in your smile with Rüya Dent, live your life with a smile.



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