As Rüya Dent, we believe that the dental health of our children is of great importance in maintaining dental health throughout life. Pedodontics is the field of dentistry for children and is a branch of dentistry applied by specialised dentists who have received special training to protect, improve and treat children’s dental health.


What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics, also known as paediatric dentistry, is a branch of dentistry applied to ensure that children acquire the right dental care habits, maintain and improve their dental health. Children have special needs and treatments for dental and oral health. Pedodontists understand these needs and provide services to children in child-friendly environments.

  1. Early Diagnosis and Intervention:

Pedodontics aims to recognise and treat dental problems in children at an early age. In this way, more serious problems can be prevented in the future.

  1. Dental Health Habits:

Pedodontists teach children proper tooth brushing, flossing and other dental health habits. Acquiring these habits from childhood lays the foundation for a healthy dental structure in later years.

  1. Child Friendly Environments:

Pedodontists offer a fearless and cuddly dentistry experience for children. Children feel more comfortable in colourful and child-friendly clinics.

  1. Specialised Treatments:

Special treatments are offered for the period of development and growth of teeth in children. These treatments aim to protect children’s dental health in the best way.

Ruya Dent Dent Clinic Turkey Pedodonti, diş hekimliği dalının çocuklara yönelik alanıdır ve çocukların diş sağlığını korumak, geliştirmek ve tedavi etmek için özel eğitim almış uzman diş hekimlerinin uyguladığı bir dalıdır.

Pedodontic Dental Treatment Experience with Rüya Dent

As Rüya Dent, we prioritise your children’s dental health and are here to offer them the best treatments. We invite your children to a happy dental experience with our team specialised in pedodontic dental treatments.

We secure your children’s smiles by combining modern technology and child-friendly environments in pedodontic treatments. We endeavour to ensure that they have a healthy tooth structure and acquire dental care habits.

Experience pedodontic dental treatment with Rüya Dent to protect your children’s healthy smiles and introduce them to dentistry. We are here for healthy smiles, happy children and a smiling future for you.



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