As Rüya Dent, we attach great importance to dental health and aim to offer the best and most effective dental treatments to each of our patients. Conservative dental treatment is an approach that aims to solve problems by preserving the natural structure of the teeth and with minimal intervention. This method focuses on maintaining the health and durability of your teeth for a long time.


What is Conservative Dental Treatment?

Conservative dental treatment is a type of treatment that aims to preserve the natural structure of the teeth in the best possible way. This treatment is applied with minimal interventions to repair problems such as decay, fracture or damage to the teeth. It occupies a critical place in dentistry to protect your teeth and enable you to use them in the best way.

Advantages of Conservative Dental Treatment

  1. Preserving Natural Tooth Structure:

Conservative dental treatment preserves the natural structure of the teeth as much as possible. This ensures that the teeth are healthy and durable.

  1. Low Inventory Requirement:

It solves problems with minimal interventions and causes little inventory loss in the teeth. This helps to preserve intact tooth tissue.

  1. Painless and Comfortable:

Conservative treatments offer a painless and comfortable experience. Patients can return to normal in a short time and continue their daily activities.

  1. Cost Effective:

Conservative dental treatment is a cost-effective way to repair your teeth. It prevents future costs by preserving the natural structure of the teeth.

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Conservative Dental Treatment Experience with Rüya Dent

As Rüya Dent, we are at your service with our dentists specialised in conservative dental treatment. Before starting the treatment, we examine your teeth in detail and identify the problems. Then we create a special treatment plan for you and explain the treatment process step by step.

During treatment, we work diligently to maintain the health and aesthetics of your teeth using the latest technology. After conservative dental treatment, we will also guide you on dental care and protection.

Meet conservative dental treatment to have a healthy and natural smile. Experience the change in your smile with Rüya Dent, live your life with a smile.



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