Dental Radiology

As Rüya Dent, we are proud to offer you the best with developing dentistry technologies. Dental Radiology is an important part of modern dentistry and allows an accurate and effective assessment of your dental health. This technology plays a critical role in determining the most appropriate treatment plan for you and guides you on your way to a healthy smile.


What is Dental Radiology?

Dental Radiology is a branch of dentistry that includes imaging techniques that use radiation to examine the teeth and jaw area. These techniques create detailed images of teeth, jaws and surrounding tissues, allowing dentists to make accurate diagnoses and create effective treatment plans. In this way, faster, precise and patient-friendly treatments can be offered.

  1. Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-ray creates a wide view of the mouth and jaw area and assesses the condition of the teeth, jaw bones and surrounding tissues. It shows the integrity of the head and neck structure.

  1. Dental Film (Periapical X-ray):

Dental films provide detailed images of the teeth from the roots to the apex. They are used to diagnose conditions such as gum diseases, tooth roots and tooth decay.

  1. Dental Tomography (CT):

Dental CT scans provide 3D images of the teeth and jaw. It is of great importance in surgical planning and implant applications.

  1. Intraoral X-ray:

This technique is used to obtain detailed images of the teeth and gums. It is effective in identifying problems such as tooth decay, tooth roots and fillings.

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Journey to Healthy Smiles with Dental Radiology

As Rüya Dent, we evaluate your dental health in the most detailed way by using dental radiology techniques at the highest level. These evaluations are critical for creating a special treatment plan for you. Thanks to radiological images, our dentists make the most accurate analysis of your teeth and jaw structure and offer you the most suitable treatment options.

This journey starts with dental radiology and continues under the guidance of our expert team. We are at your side to provide you with the best service throughout your treatment process and to ensure that you achieve a healthy smile. Remember, a healthy smile improves your quality of life. Experience the change in your smile with Rüya Dent, live your life with a smile.



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