As Rüya Dent, we offer services with dentists specialised in periodontology to protect the gum and jawbone health that forms the basis of your dental health. Periodontology is a branch of dentistry specialised in gum diseases and jawbone problems. In this field, we work with the latest technology and methods to protect and restore gum and jawbone health.


What is Periodontology?

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that studies the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the gums, peri-dental tissues and jawbone. Gum diseases are one of the most common causes of tooth loss. Periodontology focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

  1. Gum Health:

Periodontology dental treatment prevents gum diseases and treats existing diseases. Healthy gums are the basis of healthy teeth.

  1. Jawbone Health:

Periodontology prevents and treats jawbone loss and jawbone problems. A healthy jawbone ensures that the teeth are held in a healthy way.

  1. Preventing Tooth Loss:

Periodontology prevents tooth loss by stopping the progression of gum disease and jawbone problems.

  1. Aesthetics and Comfort:

Healthy gums and jawbone form the basis for an aesthetically pleasing smile and a comfortable oral structure.

Ruya Dent Dent Clinic Turkey Periodontoloji

Periodontology Dental Treatment Experience with Rüya Dent

As Rüya Dent, we offer you the best service with our expert team and modern technology in periodontology dental treatment. Before starting treatment, we perform a detailed dental examination, evaluate your gum and jawbone health and determine the appropriate treatment plan for you.

We control gum diseases and protect your jawbone health with the latest technology and methods used in periodontology treatments. We guide you through the treatment process and regularly monitor the progress of the treatment.

Have strong teeth and a healthy smile with periodontology dental treatment. Experience the change in your smile with Rüya Dent, live your life with a smile.



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